Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Wrap-Up

Books I Read

Glory O'Brien's History of the Future by A.S. King


Recommended to fans of A.S. King's previous work, anyone looking for a contemporary with a paranormal twist, and a small cast of interesting characters. You can read my review HERE.

The Boy In the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne


Recommended to anyone who likes books set during WWII, YA/adult books with young protagonists (I believe Bruno is eight), quick reads, and plot twists.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas


Recommended to anyone who likes sassy, kick-butt heroines, a long series to get invested in, well-written love triangles, and mystery. I'd describe it as Tamora Pierce meets The Hunger Games.

One Summer: America, 1927 by Bill Bryson


This isn't a bad book if you're interested in learning about the '20s, but that era isn't particularly fascinating to me. I'm willing to try other Bryson books, as several people have said his other books are better.

Breaking Stalin's Nose by Eugene Yelchin


Recommended to anyone interested in learning about Joseph Stalin and anyone looking for a middle-grade book you can finish in a day. Fans of The Boy In the Striped Pajamas will like this book.

Movies I Watched

"If I Stay"


Recommended to anyone who likes movies that make you cry, The Fault In Our Stars, character-driven stories, romance, and stories told through an interesting format (half of the movie is told through the eyes of the main character, Mia, as she walks around the hospital in a ghostlike state).

"Sherlock Holmes


Recommended to anyone who likes "Sherlock" (though it in no way comes close to being as good as that), Sherlock Holmes stories, likes to laugh, and plenty of action.

"The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies"


This movie was probably my favorite of the three. Non-stop action with a good amount of comic relief. Also, Legolas is awesome when it comes to battles. Just saying.

"The Watsons Go to Birmingham"


This is a cute, sweet story about a black family living in the south in 1963. It's short, family-friendly, and will make you cry.

"The Incredibles" (a rewatch)


Recommended to anyone who likes to laugh, Pixar movies, superhero movies, and James Bond.



This movie had an interesting concept (they used the same actors, filming once a year for twelve years so you could watch the kids grow up), and the first half was really good, but it fizzled toward the end. It got to be too boring and angsty for my taste.

"The Lake House"


Recommended to anyone who likes romance, a touch of sci-fi, and simple, character-driven stories. If you watch "Doctor Who" and like the whole 11th Doctor/River timeline thing, you'll love this. (Plus, it'll be way easier to follow after watching something as confusing as that.)

Quotes I Wrote

Waking up with a dagger pointed at your throat is exactly as terrifying as you think it would be.
--Sing a Song of Raindrops

It was times like this, sitting around a crappy motel room, eating junk food and laughing at each other's corny jokes, that I truly felt like I had a family again.
It was also times like this that I wondered how in the world our lives got so screwed up.
--Sing a Song of Raindrops

"Are we ever going home?"
I found that it was suddenly hard to swallow. I reached over and tousled Micah's jet-black hair, the only feature we shared, but I didn't answer him.
I couldn't lie to him.
--Sing a Song of Raindrops

Lily chewed on her lower lip and stared down at me. Her normally bouncy, curly, bright red hair was frizzy and hung in strings just above her shoulders. "Did you give them a [fake] name yet?"
I nodded. "I had to."
"Hazel Grace Lancaster."
The corner of Lily's mouth twitched up and she squeezed my shoulder. "That's my girl."
--Sing a Song of Raindrops

Obsessions I Acquired

No new "obsessions" this month, other than a streak of good books. :) Oh, and my parents and I finished the first season of "Veronica Mars" and can't stop watching. There's a twist in every episode!

Picture of the Month

Run, you clever boy, and remember.
This is a really cool picture. I wish I could edit photos like that.

How was your January?


aishamonet said...

How do you read/watch all the stuff I want to but never do?
I've always wanted to read Throne of Glass but I've always been afraid to.
I just want to see an assassin, I'm not really a fan of a lot of romance.

The Magic Violinist said...


Ha ha, obviously so I can talk about how good they were and get you to read them right away. ;) But seriously, Throne of Glass is very good. The romance is more of a subplot (although it is written well). The main part of the story is about her being an assassin and trying to figure out this mystery and win the king's tournament.

Taylor Lynn said...

Ooh, you saw If I Stay, too? We just watched it recently, and I thought it was pretty good. Sad, of course, but that's to be expected. ;) Also: YES to The Incredibles! *squeals* I love that movie. Love love LOVE it.

Those quotes from Sing a Song of Raindrops are great, by the way, and that title's cool, too! What genre is it?

The Magic Violinist said...

@Taylor Lynn I was an idiot and forgot to keep the tissues near me when I watched it. It was so good, though.


Thanks! :D It'a a YA urban fantasy. Kind of dark so far, but I'm really enjoying writing it.

Anonymous said...

IF I STAY! I just loved the cinematography and soundtrack so so much! Plus The Incredibles holds a near and dear spot in my heart; I grew up watching it over and over with my brother. Pretty busy month, huh? ;)

Taylor Lynn said...

OH MY GOSH, Pixar and Disney/Pixar movies are basically some of my favorites. Also Dreamworks! (Speaking of which, have you seen The Croods? It's fantastic!) Basically I'm a sucker for a good animated movie. They have some of the best humor, haha! ;)

Ooh, sounds cool--glad you're enjoying yourself! Happy writing. :)

The Magic Violinist said...

@bookishandawesome The soundtrack, YES!!! The music was so good in that. It was exactly as I'd pictured it in the book.

My brother and I watched the "Toy Story" movies and "Chicken Little" over and over again when we were little, so I totally get what you're saying. :)

Ha ha, always. ;)

@Taylor Lynn Yes, loved "The Croods!" My friends brought it over to watch with us. We laughed like crazy. Have you seen the previews for "Inside Out" yet?! It looks amazing!

Thanks! :)

Boquinha said...

Fun wrap-up! Man, you get a lot done every month. What are you, homeschooled or something?

That is a cool graphic.

Also? I love the title "Sing a Song of Raindrops."