Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Eight Terrible Titles Games

I saw this meme on Facebook a while back and thought I'd share it with all of you. It's addicting, hysterical, and so much fun. Take a book you've written or are currently writing, start at the top of the document and scroll down with your eyes closed, then open your eyes. Whatever sentence your cursor lands on, that's one of your eight "titles" for that book. Here are some of mine.

Beneath the Moon and Stars

1. "I don't care how old she is."
2. "If Lane breaks this poor girl's heart like he's crushed so many others, I'll be banned!"
3. Guess the invisible thing hadn’t worked.
4. But she was still breathtaking, in that not-so-extraordinary, sometimes unnoticeable sort of way.
5. “You could be a murderer, or a rapist, and I just got in your car?”
6. I laughed a little, incredulously.
7. Jesus, Becca. Are you going to shine a light in my face, too?”
8. “I don’t really read ‘books.’

Flightless Birds

1. He slowly began to tweak already existing laws, ones about equality and fairness.
2. Bang.
3. “We’ll have to get another one soon.”
4. It’s harder to think when I’m busy trying to get my face back to my normal color.
5. I wanna know what you’re really up to.”
6. “I don’t have the pass code!”
7. How could there be no survivors? 
8. “Don’t you ever do that again,” he says, his voice cracking a little.

Sing a Song of Raindrops

1. “Where are we going?” Micah asked me for the fifth time since he’d woken up.
2. That's precious chocolate you've wasted.
3. Like I was a ghost come back to haunt her.
4. I didn’t even have to hotwire anything.”
5. “Uh, you froze time,” I said.
6. Glass clung to her hair like diamonds, or stars in a black sky.
7. “What room is he in?”
8. Weren’t those the exact words I’d used with Micah when we were running for our lives so many moons ago?

August Knight and the Sword of Gold

1. But just then, the book grew heavy in my hands.
2. “The legend itself said that it was cursed!”
3. You'd think they'd pick something a little more . . . flashy.
4. “Can we just find a way out of here?”
5. “I never once in a million years would’ve thought that something like this could’ve happened to me.”
6. “Maybe she’s playing hide and seek!”
7. Maybe she’d let me keep one if she didn’t keep trying to kill us.
8. “Good thing you’re not alone, then.”

The Sorceress

1. Anya’s smile faded.
2. Sensing her fear and trusting her instincts, Ronald pulled out his sword.
3. I'll kill anyone who moves, speaks, or interferes with anything I do, understood?
4. “Let me explain,” the man said.
5. The boys chuckled a little but agreed to help.
6. Anya’s shout silenced the other boys.
7. “How can someone be a coward and a show-off?”
8. Anya swung towards his head.

Fantasya: A Giant Problem

1. “Don’t forget the giants!”
2. Every troll or unicorn only needed a sprinkle to be able to teleport to earth.
3. “Room service!” I called in a high voice.
4. “Brake! BRAKE!!!”
5. “Thank you for the potion, though!”
6. “Off with you!
7. “It tastes like . . . peppermint.”
8. I was almost sure that my unicorn would be bright and shining.

What did you come up with? Share your lists in the comment!


Emma said...

These made me laugh! This is a great meme.
For my most recent completed novel, I got
1) "Nine, ten, eleven."
2)"Back in Midge's apartment."
3)"From above?"
4)But that was what the meeting was about of course.
5)"I hope she behaves."
6)"Curiosity can lead to knowledge. Knowledge can lead to power.”
7)“Just run, you little brat!”
8)"Go. Away!"

That was fun!

The Magic Violinist said...

@Emma Right?! I do it just for fun with myself sometimes. XD

Ooh, love 5, 6, 7, and 8! What's the actual title of your novel?