Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dear Dr. King

Dear Dr. King,

45 years ago today,
You were shot and killed by James Earl Ray.

Sometimes I wonder if you hadn't died,
If you could've done more when you were alive.

Then sometimes I think that by being the martyr,
You helped to do more with things that are harder.

Did you know I walked on your bedroom floor?
That I touched your house,
The kitchen door?
Today you could have been 84.

And teaching what's right.
All of that ended with a bullet in flight.

People filled with hate.
By the time we changed,
It was far too late.
For this never should have happened
To the human race.

How is it that we creatures
With brilliant minds
Could be so hateful
And so blind?
How is it that deep down we knew what was true,
But we would keep screaming terrible things
Until our faces turned blue?

Dear Dr. King,
I'm writing to say,
That I hoped while you lived
You lived every day.



Boquinha said...

Gorgeous. Just beautiful. I love that you did it as a poem. This is very moving, very emotional. Thank you for sharing this. I love you.

The Magic Violinist said...

Thanks! :D I had a lot of fun writing it!

Dr. Mark said...

When I read through the poem with you before you posted it I was so impressed. I agree with Mommy--it is such a moving, emotional poem. Very good, and still good for all of us to hear, even now.

The Magic Violinist said...

I thought I was going to write it as a normal letter until I realized that "45 years ago today you were shot and killed by James Earl Ray" rhymed. Everything else just sort of happened.

Zelia said...

Kate until the end of the poem I thought you ewer quoting some great poet. The great was poet was you. I am very impressed. Hreat great job.

The Magic Violinist said...

Thanks, Vavo! :D

Didi said...

That is really cool! It is awesome that you did that!

Rich said...

Wowowowow, thats awesome! :D Im with your mom and dad aswell, very moving.

Vivian said...
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Vivian said...

Is there no end to your creativity? Excellent concepts presented in a beautiful way. Well done.
PS Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Awesome poem!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! You are so talented.

The Magic Violinist said...

Thanks, guys! :D I'm planning to enter it next year for our local library's poetry contest.

Jimmy said...

I know this is really late but I had to stop what I was doing and just say thank you. Thank you for writing this poem.

The Magic Violinist said...

You're welcome, Jimmy! :D I'm glad you liked it!