Thursday, December 1, 2011

X Factor: Michael Jackson Week

We got a surprise when the host announced that it was Michael Jackson week. Then we got an even bigger surprise when he said that the Jackson brothers, their mom, and MJ's kids (Prince, Paris, and Blanket) were in the crowd. Everyone went wild. (Finally something to cheer at besides the judges' comments).

Paula is "out" of the competition. She's the only impartial judge, now. She said, "If I were you, Simon, I would be nice." That's right he'd better be nice.

Nicole forgot her pants again.

Twitter has got to be paying BIG bucks to be mentioned this often. They rush the judges to talk about that?!?! This host is insane.

Josh Krajcik: He plays guitar too?!?! He keeps surprising us. He said that he was really nervous (he looked it) to be singing Michael Jackson, but he felt more comfortable that he was going to play his guitar. He's been playing guitar since he was twelve.

So he started off the song with zombies dancing at his feet. He did GREAT for a song that he wasn't comfortable with. He also did an awesome guitar solo. It was crazy! His fingers were flying everywhere. It wasn't my favorite performance by him, but it was great.

I don't really like all of Nicole's outfits. (Or Paula's, for that matter).

Astro: We learned yesterday that he's been rapping since the age of nine.

He chose "Black and White" and was able to rap really well to it. Nice! :D He writes all of his own music, which is even cooler! :D At one point he said, "I look at the world like a crayola box." Sweet. Besides the ninja-bagpipe dancers, it was awesome. It was better than last week's performance. He's very creative.

Drew: We keep learning new things about these singers! :D Drew was shy as a kid. But now she's on live television performing in front of millions of people?!?! That's awesome.

She put her own twist on "Billie Jean". It was really cool. She's amazing. Her voice is completely unique. She was better than the previous two, in my opinion. L.A. actually liked it this time. I did too, but she needs to do something different. Nicole thinks Simon is playing it safe with her, and I agree. Drew even wants to do something upbeat.

Rachel Crow: She's always wanted to be a star, even when she was little.

Her shoes looked like astronaut boots. She was slightly pitchy in parts, but overall, it was really good for a girl her age singing an MJ song. Not her best though. In parts, she was great, at others, she was not. She didn't seem to have as great a time as she usually does.

Marcus Canty: He fell in love with MJ's music from the first time he heard him. No big shocker there. :P

There were a couple parts where he didn't quite hit the notes, but most of the time he was good. He's not been doing as well as usual. It was pretty boring until he surprised us with a BACK FLIP!!! :D That was awesome! :D Nicole was on her feet with her mouth open when he did the back flip.


Nicole and Paula wouldn't stop talking over Simon when he criticized Marcus.

Chris Rene: His grandfather wrote "Rockin' Robin" which the Jackson 5 sang! :D L.A. kept saying how cool that was. And it is pretty cool.

MJ was a real challenge for him. It's not his style at all.

Ouch. It was not very good, but he managed to make it his own. Not my favorite by him. It was only OK.

Over TEN MILLION people downloaded a song Chris wrote when he auditioned called, "Young Homie." Whoa. If you have an MP3 player of some sort and can find that song, I completely recommend it. It's awesome! :D

Melanie Amaro: Melanie all of of sudden was speaking in an island accent. We figured out that Paula had told her to be herself, so now she's speaking like herself. She used to have to force herself to speak American because people would make fun of her and not be able to understand her.


She's amazing. She's closed the show twice now, too. She's that good. Paula was totally grooving during the whole thing. I didn't recognize the song, though. She was great. I felt like a bomb went off when she sang. Just all of a sudden . . . BOOM!!!

Paula is so cute when she gets excited! :D

Prediction: I have NO IDEA who's going home. Maybe Marcus. (Ok, so I do have some idea of who's going home).

Comments: Rachel wasn't as good as she usually was. That surprises me.


Boquinha said...

"Nicole forgot her pants again." Bwahahaha!

Dr. Mark said...

I love your comments about the "ninja-bagpipe dancers." Great review!