Tuesday, December 20, 2011

X Factor: Five Remain

I am SO mad. I'm mad at America for not keeping Astro, I'm mad at them for getting rid of Drew, I'm mad at Simon for picking slow songs for Drew EVERY STINKIN' TIME, and I'm mad at the judges for not keeping Drew. In short, I'm mad at everyone.

This week was dance music. Bleh. Five people remain. The contestants are singing two songs.

Melanie Amaro: This time, during her song, alien dancers accompanied her.

AGAIN with the confetti! This show is all about the dramatic effects, dancers, and music. Even the announcer is dramatic! Again, every time a contestant is announced, I just have to yell out, "KIRBY!"

They ruined an Adele song with an annoying dance beat. But she did sing the song very well. Good, but boring.

Marcus Canty: I like Marcus, but he should've gone home instead of Drew. Urgh. Oh well . . . :P

His dancers weren't as annoying, but he just had to have strobe lights. :P BOOM boom BOOM. This beat stinks.

He got better as the song went on. Eh. It was just OK.


Rachel Crow: She's incredible for her age. I still don't like the annoying beat. Or the dancer. Or Twitter. Oh wait, that wasn't part of the song. ;) She was the best out of the first three in my opinion. She's so cute and always looks surprised when she gets complimented! :D

Josh Krajcik: LOVE his voice! :D

Eww, some of the male dancers didn't have shirts on. :P I wouldn't dance near ANY of these people.

He's amazing. Amazing. His dance song wasn't NEARLY as annoying with its beat. He made it his own.

Chris Rene: Nicole's dress looked like something an alien-robot would wear.

He was a little off, but he's different, and it looked so cool when he danced on a conveyor belt! :D AND he added his own lyrics! I love it when he writes his own lyrics.

Melanie Amaro: All of the contestants were going to sing a song that America voted on online. They had been practicing for a week, but there was a problem with something online, so they had to practice a different song and perform it in 24 hours.

I liked this song WAY better than the first song she sang. The song totally fits her. She did GREAT. PLUS, she didn't have very long to practice it and she still pulled it off.

Marcus Canty: These songs are SO much better than the dance songs. He was really good. Way better than the past couple of weeks. I do think he should've done something a little different, though.


Astro: Sigh . . .

Rachel Crow: She was a little off at first, but it got better. Her voice is so big and strong. AND she sang a Michael Jackson song. It was VERY good. She said her mission is to, "Inspire the kids." SHE'S SO CUTE! :D

Josh Krajcik: The crowd started cheering as soon as he started to sing. He sang a Beatles song and he sounded AWESOME! :D Nicole was crying. It was that good. He got a Standing O from Paula and Nicole.

Chris Rene: He sang a song that he wrote that NO ONE heard before. Risky . . .


It was AWESOME. His song sounded like something you would hear on the radio. It was a slow song, which was cool and different for him. The crowd was going CRAZY! :D There was NO WAY he was going home after that. He was the best out of the five when they sang the second time.

Prediction: I thought Marcus was going home, but NOOOOOOO. RACHEL had to go home. X( She was BAWLING when she heard. And so was Nicole. I was crying, too. And my mom. She was one of my favorite ones left. :( One of my friends, Emily, was really sad, too, because Rachel was her favorite. Now Josh is my favorite one that's still in it.


The Magic Violinist said...

If you read this X Factor post before the one titled "X Factor: Semi Finals," you read them out of order. :) I don't know why they're posted out of order, but make sure you read the Semi Finals one, too! :D

Boquinha said...

Hysterical! Great reviews. Lots of aliens, some zombies . . . awesome. I love these parts especially, as they made me laugh out loud:


"In short, I'm mad at everyone."

"Eww, some of the male dancers didn't have shirts on. :P I wouldn't dance near ANY of these people."