Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I'm on the Front Page!

I was interviewed recently by my local newspaper! It was mainly to highlight my recent Scholastic writing award wins (two silver keys and three honorable mentions!), but the article also talked about my other writing projects, my blog, summer writing camps, and me playing the violin. Yesterday my parents surprised me with a physical copy of the paper and the article and my picture were on the front page! Crazy, right?!

If you want to check out the whole article (plus a video of me), you can click here. :)

Since the video they took included me playing the violin, I'm curious: what instruments do you play (or would like to play)? Leave a comment!


Boquinha said...

Brava!! That's so cool it made the front page!! So exciting, sweetie. So proud of you!! Woot!

Traildancer said...

What an awesome article! Beautiful reflection of who you are and the profound influence your family has had on aiding you to develop into the amazingly talented person you are!

Jimmy said...

Great article. I'm so proud of you!

Instruments? I played trumpet in the 4th grade, and then we moved, and the new school I went to to didn't have band for 4th graders, and I never took it up again. Huge mistake. I've also taken piano lessons as an adult, but I didn't give enough effort. I'm thinking I'll take it up again soon.

The Magic Violinist said...


Thank you! :) I was so surprised to see my picture prominently on the front page.


Thanks! It really has been a sort of team effort. I'm lucky to have such an awesome and supportive family.


Thanks, Jimmy!

Ooh, you should! It's never too late to try another instrument. I definitely recommend YouTube as an easy (and free) resource. It's how I taught myself some simple guitar and ukulele chords. :)

Jesse Porter said...

Congratulations. I look forward to reading one of your novels. Your creative genius is very obvious in your blog, short stories and your poetry. Also, you have given no indication that you take your gifts for granted; you apparently work very hard at your craft. I appreciated your note at the end of that article that when you do what you love, it's not work.

The Magic Violinist said...

@Jesse Porter

Thank you! :) I look forward to being able to publish them. That means a lot. I do try to work at my writing every day. I recognize that I can't just expect to improve because I love it. I have to practice, too.