Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Beautiful People Linkup--February

Cait at "Paper Fury" is co-hosting a linkup called "Beautiful People." Each month she announces a new set of questions to answer about your characters so you can learn more about them. This month's theme is Valentine's Day! I'll be answering the questions for two sets of couples. Patch and Toni are from a YA paranormal novel, More Than Words. Lottie and Ezra are from a YA sci-fi novel, Project Moonstone.

I don't have face claims for Patch and Toni yet, but here are Ezra and Lottie!

1. How and why did they meet?

Patch came back home from a long trip to find that the people living in his house had just about quadrupled. Toni, who was baking a cake in the kitchen, was one of the first new people he met.

Ezra "met" Lottie because of his job monitoring test subjects exploring different planets to see if they're inhabitable. For three years, Lottie was "Test Subject #93" to him, while Lottie didn't even know he existed. Eventually she met him later because during his mission to retrieve her from the planet, they both end up on a different one.

2. What were their first impressions of each other?

Hahahahahaha . . . not great for Patch and Toni. Patch was tired and hot and irritable, which really isn't a great way to start off meeting new people, especially with how often he already sticks his foot in his mouth. Toni mostly ended up rolling her eyes a lot at him and making sarcastic remarks.

Lottie doesn't trust government officials in general, so she was pretty quiet and cautious when they met. Ezra didn't know what to think of her, but he knew she was hiding something and was curious to know why she'd killed the man that caused her to be doomed to five years of planet exploration.

3. How would they prove their love for each other?

In subtle, silent ways. Both Patch and Toni have different reasons why they can't say the words "I love you," so they try to show it with little actions. For example, here's the last stanza of my poem "More Than Words" that goes along with the story:

"Three syllables are so heavy.
I can't take any more weight on these
aching shoulders. Let me tell you without
words. Let me brush the back of your hand with
my fingertips. Let me tell you with
a smile. Let me drive while you sleep
passenger side. Let me hold you close when
night comes.
Just for a moment.
Only for a moment.
Long enough to tell myself that
maybe, I could
deserve you one day.
Long enough to convince myself that
one day I will be able to carry those words,
and it will be beautiful." (This poem was part of a poetry collection that won a Silver Key for the 2017 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, by the way!!!)

In order to survive, Lottie and Ezra have no choice but to stick together, but even if they did, they wouldn't choose anything else. Other planets and galaxies have nothing on their pure determination not to be separated. They would cross impossible distances just to make sure the other was safe.

4. What would be an ideal date?

Adventure. Patch gets restless if he stays in one place for too long and Toni likes to wander. Together, they rid the world of evil spirits and get to explore new places all at the same time. But they wouldn't say no to a little dancing, too.

A fancy dinner somewhere quiet and warm. After years of less-than-ideal living situations, Lottie and Ezra have simple pleasures.

5. Is there something they emphatically disagree on?

Who the best Doctor is. At least, Patch pretends to disagree with Toni on that, because he knows it drives her crazy that he somehow can't understand just how amazing David Tennant is. He still claims that Eccleston is his favorite, but he's coming around. Slowly.

At first, Ezra refuses to believe that the government that's been established in the Milky Way is as flawed as Lottie says it is. This changes over time, but it's a sore spot for both of them in the beginning.

6. List “food quirks” they know about each other. (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something, etc.)

Toni insists that any kind of food stolen off of Patch's plate tastes better than if she just ate her own. Patch doesn't see it. Then again, Toni doesn't see how baked goods she makes taste better than if Patch made his own.

Lottie is severely allergic to nuts, and Ezra takes great care to make sure they're not ever in her food.

7. What’s one thing they know about each other that no one else does?

Toni tells Patch the truth about her curse and what's happened to people she's loved because of it. In return, Patch reveals his fears and insecurities. Not only do they become friends very quickly, but confidants, too.

By the end of the book, Ezra knows the truth as to why Lottie killed a man, and it's not at all what he expected. Lottie is also the only one who knows where Ezra's true loyalties lie.

8. What’s one thing that they keep a secret from each other?

It's a total clichรฉ, but their love for each other. In different ways, it'd be dangerous for Patch and Toni if their true feelings were revealed.

For most of the book, Lottie doesn't tell Ezra about her daughter. And until he completely trusts her, Ezra won't reveal any government secrets.

9. How would their lives be different without each other?

Neither Toni nor Patch would be as vulnerable as they're able to be with each other. They've become emotionally healthier thanks to their relationship.

Lottie would literally be dead and Ezra would have become a mindless soldier. Ezra gave Lottie the tools she needed to survive while Lottie gave Ezra the tools he needed to think and doubt.

10. Where do they each see this relationship going?

Nothing farther than friendship. Anything more would seem impossible.

As far as it can go with the complications of Lottie being an outlaw and Ezra a potential deserter/traitor.

Your turn! I want to hear all about your fictional couples. Leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love the sound of your story (AND THANK GOODNESS FOR NAMES I CAN PRONOUNCE). Government in space?!?!? #yes.

The Magic Violinist said...


Thank you! (Oh my gosh, I know, right? I have a hard time pronouncing some fantasy names. I don't think I could even come up with them!) Yesss, after reading stuff like The Lunar Chronicles, I just had to try something space-related.

Evangeline said...

Sounds so fun!

Cait @ Paper Fury said...

Omg so I love them both!! I loved how Patch and Toni met (CAKE) and your answer to #10 for Lottie and Ezra was the best. Nothing like being a criminal and trying to live a nice happy life with your OTP. :')

I loved reading this, Kate!!๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

The Magic Violinist said...


Thanks! :)


LOL, I figured you would. xD Food is a great way to get to both of their hearts (Patch's especially).

Darn criminal activities coming between true love. I wonder how it'll end . . .

Thank you!!

Melissa Gravitis said...

I love the sound of your couples! They seem so sweet and there's just the perfect touch of complicated feelings to make them perfect. (Also, that poem is AMAZING). :)

The Magic Violinist said...

@Melissa Gravitis

Ahhhh, yay, that's what I was hoping for! I love couples that fit together like puzzle pieces, but with each character bringing their own brand of complicated. It makes for a really interesting dynamic. (Thank you!) :)

Boquinha said...

WHAT IS HER CURSE AND WHAT HAPPENED BECAUSE OF IT?? Curious minds and all of that.

Such complicated, flawed, fun characters. I looooove knowing little things like the stuff about food and quirks.

The Magic Violinist said...


Hehehe. Toni's family had a curse placed upon them, but it manifested in different ways. She discovered what her curse was when she was little and spoke those three, little, pesky words to her parents. There were drastic consequences, and now she takes care never to say them again.

Thanks! That's always the fun stuff to figure out, usually because they sort of happen without me realizing I'd come up with it. For instance, I just found out that Patch plays guitar. Who knew?

Boquinha said...

I like how you gave me a hint without really telling me. :)

And I love hearing tidbits like that, both about the characters and about the author's process!!

The Magic Violinist said...


Well I can't give EVERYTHING away. ;)

Me, too!