Saturday, October 1, 2016

September Wrap-Up

Books I Read

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken


The concept for this was soooo good. But it could have been executed better. I liked the unique take on time travel, but I was confused on it for most of the book. The beginning was pretty good, then it got slow, then it rushed through the end. I'm not sure I'll go to the sequel. And I liked Nicholas and Etta mostly, but Etta felt kind of bland, and for some reason I just didn't ship them together? I felt like I was supposed to! I was too apathetic about it in general to give it a higher rating.

I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson


THIS WAS SO GOOD. I'm sad I didn't read it the year everyone was raving over it because now I'm late to the party. I didn't really know what I was getting into except that everyone was saying the writing was amazing, and that is spot on. The whole time I was reading it I was caught somewhere between OMG-I-want-to-make-beautiful-art and I-need-to-quit-writing-because-I'll-never-be-this-good. Apparently Jandy Nelson studied poetry in college, which totally makes sense. The whole book oozes poetry. And the characters are super quirky and messed up and fantastic to read. It also made me crave doughnuts.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins


Look at me finally reading a book I said I was going to read for like four years! I really, really liked it. I needed something fluffy, so this was the perfect fix. The characters felt real and flawed, and I shipped it hard. I do think it could've been a little shorter toward the end. They had some nice twists, but the last hundred pages or so felt like it was the same problems being presented all over again. I could've done with a little less "will-they-won't-they" at that point. But a cute romance set in Paris? I was so happy.

Movies I Watched

"Florence Foster Jenkins"


Considering this movie was based on a true story, it's a very odd, unconventional situation with eccentric characters. It was really funny and not at all your typical Hollywood blockbuster. Simon Helberg was really great in his role, even though he wasn't one of the protagonists. There were a few times when I was confused on what was going on mostly because it seemed like they were expecting you to know the characters' backstories because they were real people, even though I had no clue who they were when I was watching it. That could have been handled a little better.

Quotes I Wrote

No one can possibly explain the depths of Lila's heart that filled with love, overflowing with it until it consumed her whole being. Magic was nothing, compared to this. She was on fire, and for once, she liked the heat.
-'Til the Last Star Dies

Maybe it was the fact that the girl who had every reason to be in pieces was doing her best to hold Lila up. Maybe it was knowing that this, Melody's smooth skin sliding against Lila's, was fleeting. Maybe it was hundreds upon thousands of years of exhaustion finally causing her creaking bones to start cracking.
She finally had reason to work up the courage to let go.
Maybe this was an eternity worth giving up forever for.
-'Til the Last Star Dies

Lila wiggled her fingers, though the chains didn't allow for much more motion than that. “You have to make me drink it, no matter how much I squirm and protest. It'll get worse as it goes on, but I have to drink all of them.”
Nodding, Melody bent down a little beside her. “Okay. And—if this doesn't work, I just want you to know—”
“Nu uh,” Lila cut her off, and to Melody's surprise she actually smiled. A genuine smile. “None of that. We're not gonna do a cheesy YA romance scene, all right? Nothing's gonna happen to me, you said so yourself. Let's just get this done.”
-'Til the Last Star Dies

Obsessions I Acquired

"Waitress" - If you haven't heard this musical yet, you're missing out. Sara Bareilles wrote some of the songs, and the whole album totally sounds like her style. It's upbeat and hopeful and funny in some of the songs. It's also super catchy. "When He Sees Me" is constantly in my head.

"This Is Us" - Holy plot twists, Batman!! From the very first episode, you're hooked. This was one of the new TV shows my family decided to try, and with it only being two episodes in, it's remarkable how obsessed I am with it. Their pilot should be the definition of a good one.

Picture of the Month 

Can we take a moment to appreciate how adorable my dog is as BB-8? She loves her new Halloween costume!

How was your September?


Zelia said...

He is so cute. I love his costume.

The Magic Violinist said...


Thanks! :) She loves it, too.

Reike Burgen said...

With your last quote, I feel like you broke the fourth wall a little bit (which I love!), but am I wrong?

The Magic Violinist said...

@Reike Burgen

Ha ha, that was the intention. A little meta humor is never a bad thing. ;) I'm a big fan, too!

Boquinha said...

Fun post! So, is that a little nod to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince I see?

The Magic Violinist said...


Ha, subconsciously maybe, but that wasn't on purpose. Think less of a painful effect and more of an "I-could-turn-evil" effect.