Tuesday, August 16, 2016

'Til the Last Star Dies - The Immortal Witch/Mortal Monster Hunter Romance You Didn't Even Know You Needed

I have an announcement!

I entered a contest through Inkshares with my YA fantasy romance novel, 'Til the Last Star Dies. If I win, Inkshares will help me through the entire publishing process so I can get my book out in the world with Geek and Sundry's logo of support printed on it as part of the marketing. Exciting, right?!

The way the contest works is by collecting pre-orders on your book. Whoever gets the most pre-orders is the winner. If you spend $20 on a pre-order and my novel ends up being the winning one, you get:

-A signed paperback copy of the book
-An ebook
-Access to drafts and updates from the author (me)
-And free shipping in the US

I would absolutely love and appreciate it if you could help me by pre-ordering my novel. Even if you can't, just spreading the word on social media or talking to your friends and family about it can be a HUGE help! The best way to get the word out about a book is by talking it up to people you're close with.

I do ask that you kindly refrain from violence when spreading the word. It can do serious damage to the book. Oh, and, you know, the human being hit by it.

If you do pre-order (and thank you thank you thank you if you do), don't worry, you'll get a full refund on it if 'Til the Last Star Dies doesn't end up winning.

To see if you're interested, here's what it's about:

Lila is a witch. One of the firstborn, to be exact, which makes her powerful. And dangerous. And in demand. The demon Angelique has a plan for the world, one that involves cities devoured in flame and dying stars. If Angelique can convince Lila to join her army, the universe will have reason to quake in fear.

But there’s another complication. Melody. Lila’s fallen for her, and if there’s anything Lila can do to protect her, she’ll do it. This means Angelique will have to find another way to get Lila to succumb to the darkness. And Melody is the perfect bargaining chip . . .

I also have a cover and some concept art from my Pinterest board related to the novel:

I know this is grammatically incorrect, but I wasn't the one who made it, so there wasn't a way to fix it.

If you want to get a sense of the tone, you can check out the playlist I created for it HERE.

Any questions you may have about the book or the contest, I'll do my best to answer! :) Thank you so much!

Pre-order 'Til the Last Star Dies here!

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