Monday, March 21, 2016

Why Do We Write?

Last summer at my first overnight writer's camp, I wrote a poem called Why Do We Write? The first day of the camp in one of the classes, everyone was asked to go up to the chalkboard and write one of the reasons we write up there. I used a bunch of the reasons that resonated with me in the poem. A couple months ago I submitted the poem to my local library's poetry contest, and it was one of the winners! It's one of my favorites that I've written.

Why Do We Write?
Kate I. Foley

Why do we write?
You may as well ask, "Why do we breathe?"
We write to explore different realities,
To be more than ourselves and for
To take control.
To give us life.
To see.
To build the worlds we wished we lived in,
To immortalize our thoughts and
Make people feel something.
Because we just love stories and to
Keep ourselves sane.
For freedom.
Because we have to.
Because our souls say we must.


Carly said...

Wow... that's a beautiful poem! I can relate a lot to your words. I've only ever been to one writing camp before and it was entirely based around poetry and I feel that I've learned a lot from that experience so I hope I can go to another one soon. And also, congratulations on winning the contest! You definitely deserved it. :)

PS: I tagged you for the Favorite Screen Characters Tag!

Boquinha said...

Love it! Beautiful poem. And congratulations on yet another win!

Geraldine said...

A teacher of mine once told me that poetry is a bunch of words, put together in the most perfect way possible (or something like that at least). And reading this...definitely true for me! You encapsulated what writing is perfectly for me! <3

Anonymous said...


The Magic Violinist said...

Thank you all so much! :) I'm really glad you liked it!