Saturday, February 20, 2016

Encyclopedia of Me - S


I can't even begin to describe how great my dog is. She's turning seven this year, but she still has tons of puppy energy. She's goofy and snuggly and sweet and a total spaz. The mere mention of UPS has her flipping out and slamming into walls in her haste to protect us from the big brown truck that dares to enter our neighborhood. But thank god for our ten-pound watch dog, otherwise we'd all be murdered in our sleep by the mailman. One of my favorite things about coming home after going out for even ten minutes is being greeted by her crazy self. She gets so excited any time we walk into a room, and she climbs all over us to give us kisses before pawing at our faces to hurry up and scratch her behind the ears. I can't really remember a time before having a dog, she's totally part of the family.


AKA the greatest food in the universe. There are endless possibilities for rolls, which means every time we go to a Japanese restaurant, there's something new to try. We have a restaurant about twenty minutes away from us that makes delicious food and gets my mouth watering the whole drive there. One of my favorite holiday traditions is getting a gigantic spread of different kinds of sushi on New Year's Eve to eat. We get so stuffed, but it's so worth it.

Stana Katic

In case you couldn't tell, I've been mildly obsessed with "Castle" recently . . . okay a lot obsessed. But one of the many reasons for that is how well-written the characters are, one of which is Kate Beckett, played by Stana Katic. I can't imagine anyone else playing her, she's perfect for the role. She can be dead serious one second and crack a witty joke the next, make you cry, make you laugh, and get you so invested in the show you forget she's fiction.


This is hands down one of the best discoveries I've made on TV in the past couple years. I don't know how it wasn't on my radar before, but many thanks to my blogging friends for making me aware of it! Despite the fact that we only have ten (yay for Christmas specials!) episodes so far, these characters and the plot are so well developed. I can't believe how much genius they're able to cram into ninety minutes of fast-paced dialogue. The actors are brilliant, the writing is brilliant, the scheduling for each season . . . not so much. But we're able to (mostly) look past it because Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have so much chemistry and make us forget how long we've waited when we finally do get more episodes.


I absolutely loved getting to binge-watch the past ten seasons over holidays and fangirling with Cait. I never thought I'd watch a "horror" series, but holy crap it's so well-written and planned out. There's a reason this show has such a huge fanbase that got it to last 11 seasons (and still going strong!). This show has made me laugh and cry countless times. It's not only introduced me to a whole new fandom, but lifelong friends within that fandom. I have so many great memories attached to the story and the characters.

Sophia, Sammy, and Soph

Three close friends of mine who all make me laugh and smile whenever I spend time with them. :) Sophia and I have been friends for years, having met through our family's homeschool group. Though I've known Sammy and Soph for almost a year online, it feels like much, much longer. And I'm getting to meet Sammy in person for the first time for my sixteenth birthday! I'm so excited.

Sleeping At Last

I found this band through Tumblr last year and I've been crazy about their music ever since. They have a great Indie sound and an album called "Atlas" I've listened to over and over and over again. It offers tons of creative inspiration. My favorite songs by them are "Jupiter," "Neptune," and "Turning Page."

Sam Winchester

He's the younger of the Winchester brothers on "Supernatural," and he's one of the main driving forces of the show. Together, he and Dean have a small but incredibly strong family. And they make an amazing team with everything they do. Sam's often considered the brains of the pair, but just like how Dean isn't just the muscle, that's not all he is. He's brave and quick on his feet and always the first to offer a listening ear to friends and strangers. The character development he's gone through these past seasons is unbelievable, but you never lose the Sam you fall in love with when you first meet him.

Song, River

Ahhhhhh, I love this woman so much!!! She's hysterical and smart and adds a spice to the later seasons of "Doctor Who" that the show needed. I love her with the eleventh Doctor. And Amy and Rory. And everyone. But I won't give much more away because, well . . . spoilers.

Stars Hollow/Sookie

"Gilmore Girls" makes me happy. As soon as I hear the music, I'm transported right back to that tiny, magical town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. I love how whenever one of the characters walk down the street, they can stop and talk to seven people they know just on their way to the grocery story. I love the town meetings and Luke's coffee shop and the seasonal festivals and the people. The quirky, wonderful people that make that town home. And one of those people is Sookie St. James. She's an adorable, clumsy, bubbly person and one of the best friends you could ask for. Who wouldn't want a friend who shows up at your house with an amazing home-cooked meal and a laugh that brightens the room? (Plus, watching her in the kitchen suddenly makes me realize I'm not the worst klutz in the world.)

Summer and Sunshine

This crazy winter has me seriously missing warm weather. Though I suppose over three feet of snow in one day has anybody missing it . . . I'm ready for the beach and some sunshine and being outside with a book. Parks, bike rides, the pool, walking Scout, barbecues, I'm so, so ready for all of it.

What are some "s" things that you love? Leave a comment!


Boquinha said...

We have several of the same things on our posts (go figure) and I guessed many of your others. The music group was probably the one I didn't think of. I'm ready for summer, too. And I hope you don't have a complex about the klutziness. It's lovable. I have mornings where I wake up and hear something crash in the kitchen and think, "Kate's awake!" and it always makes me smile. :)

Dr. Mark said...

Yep. No surprises here. I always like to see how you are going to spin your obsessions, "mild" as they may be. Hang on, summer is on its way. And so is Stars Hollow. And (I hear) more Sherlock. That last one is a bit harder to believe, though. ;)

Rain said...

Yes to Supernatural, I just finished Season Eight at Christmas. :) And your dog is adorable. She's not named after Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird, is she?

Janahan said...

I came across your blog as I also like Imagine Dragons. I'm a musician and I do flute covers of popular songs. I reckon you'll like my most recent blog post :)

Geraldine said...

Stana Katic is actually the perfect Kate! I honestly can't imagine Castle without her - she's amazing!
And I could live off sushi the rest of my life if I had to - SO DELICIOUS <3

Siths and Jedis said...

I love this list, but boy is that a lot of things. I have been loving watching "Doctor Who" with you. I am only 1 season in, but I am enjoying "Gilmore Girls," and Sookie is one of my favorite characters.

Jimmy said...

Hmm. Seems like I read a lot of these from someone else whose name starts with an S.

I would add to my list of favorite "S" words--Short Stories, particularly one published in a book titled Fauxpocalypse.

The Magic Violinist said...

@Boquinha I'm not surprised at all. :P I'm also not shocked you were able to figure out a lot of them. He he, at least klutziness is one of those flaws people can find endearing! ;)

@Dr. Mark Oh yes, they're absolutely and 100% mild, no question there . . . Summer can't come fast enough, and neither can Stars Hollow or Sherlock (or Doctor Who)!

@Rain That's so exciting! It just keeps getting better from there. :) I binge-watched Supernatural for the first time a couple Christmases ago, so now I find myself in the mood for it when it rolls around.

Thank you!! I love her to bits and pieces. And she is! :) My mom thought of her name. We're all big TKAM fans around here.

@Janahan Wow, that's so cool! :) I wanted to play the flute for a while when I was younger. It's such a neat instrument!

@Geraldine Isn't she?! She and Nathan totally make that show what it is (and obviously what it is is AMAZING).

Same here! Plus, there are tons of options, so you'd never get sick of it. <3

@Siths and Jedis You should've seen my original list, it was at least double what I have now. I've been loving it, too! And "Gilmore Girls" only gets better. You've got a long and exciting road ahead of you!

@Jimmy I wonder who that could be . . . ;)

Aww, thank you, Jimmy! Short stories is a good one to add. :)