Thursday, July 2, 2015

June Wrap-Up

Books I Read

The Martian by Andy Weir


This was a really good sci-fi read, but it doesn't really feel like sci-fi. It seems like the kind of story that could actually happen in real life. The beginning was really good, and the second half of the book especially excellent. Some of the middle parts were slow, and there were a lot of nitty gritty details that I ended up skimming because of how long it got. But overall, great book. (And they're making it into a movie, which I'm really excited for.)

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven


If Eleanor & Park and Paper Towns got together and had a book baby, this would be the result. It's fantastic. It grabs you right away, keeps your attention the whole way through, and leaves you in tears at the end. There's not much more you can ask for in a book. (And they're making this one into a movie, too!)

Movies I Watched

"Home Alone 3"


This movie was just "meh," but I was watching it with a couple of friends and we had more fun making sarcastic commentary the whole time than we did actually watching it. It's a great movie for that.

"Inside Out"


One of my all-time favorite Pixar movies. It makes you laugh, makes you cry, and is totally clever. All of the characters in it were unique and interesting, and there were a ton of female leads! Go watch it immediately.

"Ferris Beuler's Day Off" (a rewatch)


This is one of my favorite eighties movies. It's so goofy, but so good. Simple plot, small cast of characters, and good music. It's a good summer movie and tons of fun.

"The Princess Bride" (a rewatch)


Out of every eighties movie I've watched so far, this is probably my favorite. It's delightfully cheesy, very quotable, and funny. Although Buttercup drives me crazy, I love every other character in it.

Obsessions I Acquired

Mindy Gledhill She has a very unique voice and great music! My favorite song by her is probably "Pocketful of Poetry," although it's all good. I love the music video, too.

Picture of the Month

This is so perfect. And it includes some of my favorite characters from three of my major fandoms.

How was your June?


Emma said...

I had no idea "All The Bright Places" was being turned into a movie! That is so cool.
I love both of the eighties movies you watched (even though I always get "Twist and Shout" stuck in my head for at least a week after watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off). Inside Out is one that I really want to watch. It looks so good and also strangely relevant in a way? I don't know, I just really want to see it.
At first I thought the image you posted said "Team French Toast". Ah well, Trench Coats are nearly as good. ;)

Carly said...

All of my friends keep telling me to go see "Inside Out," but I just haven't yet! I totally need to now. *puts "Watch Inside Out" To Do list* And "The Princess Bride" is yet another movie my friends are making me watch... *adds to To Do list* Isn't there a book too though?

I LOVE THAT PICTURE. *fangirls forever* I just started to watch "Sherlock" and I made a post recently on my blog explaining ALL THE FEELS... so far. I'm on "The Reichenbach Fall" right now... And I can't ignore "Doctor Who." I'm currently on Series 4 of the Revived DW and I have to say the most terrified I've been was because of the episode "Blink." Although, I can't tell who the people on the right are... I suspect they are from "Supernatural," which I still have yet to watch, but I'm not sure...

Didi said...

Ever since I saw the preview came out for Inside Out, I have been dying to see it. Hopefully my family can see it soon, I have been hearing so many good reviews, (including yours :)). Princess bride has also been on my favorites list since I was very young. :)

Mindy Gledhill is one of my favorite singers! I have many of her songs memorized. :) I love her CDs Anchor, that was the first one I got, and Feather In the Wind. I recently bought most of A Pocket full of Poetry on iTunes, and it is super great as well. My mom actually knew her in Spain, and she even went to Mindy's wedding reception!

Anonymous said...

Fiiiiiinch!!!! So, uh, I want to read The Martian and super excited for Inside Out! I'm glad this one's getting much positive feedback! And who is the other one in trench coat (coz, correct me if I'm wrong, but your three favorites are from Doctor Who, Supernatural and Sherlock Holmes, right)?

Anonymous said...

That is so cool - all the movies that are being made! :D And as for Home Alone 3, that is probably the worst one out of all the Home Alones (my opinion!). XD I found Home Alone 4 was really, really good. Have you seen the others? AHH, I have been wanting to watch Inside Out; I've heard all good things about it! :D Hopefully I will get to watch it soon! It sounds like you had a wonderful June! What books are you planning to read in July? :)

-Koko @ His Little Elephant.

The Magic Violinist said...

@Emma I know, I'm so excited!

Oh yeah, that happened to me, too. xD For days and days . . .

"Inside Out" is fantastic! They handle a lot of topics so well in such a short amount of time. It's one of the best Pixar movies I've seen in a while.

LOL, there should be a Team French Toast. I'd join.


You do! And I've love to see your thoughts on it when you watch it.

"The Princess Bride" is awesome. And yeah, it is a book, but I admittedly haven't read it. It's one of the few movies I've watched without reading the book first.

Oh my gosh, I need to read this. I'm curious what your reactions from Reichenbach will be . . .

Eeee, I'm so glad you like DW!! Season 4 is fantastic, I love Donna. And "Blink" was pretty creepy, but I'm still going with the Empty Children episodes (and maybe "Silence In the Library"/"Forest of the Dead") as the creepiest.

They are! :) Well actually, the one on the far right is Captain Jack, but the third is Castiel. He's awesome.


I don't think I've seen one negative review for it. It's great.

Wow, that's so cool! I've just started poking around on YouTube at her music, and she's got some good stuff. I love discovering new artists. :)


That book!!!

Yes, please, do both. You won't regret it.

Ha ha, you got it! :) And the last one is actually also from Doctor Who (and "Torchwood"), Captain Jack Harkness. He's brilliant.


I know, it's so exciting! And movie adaptations are so much better these days with the authors getting more involved.

Ha ha, I barely remember the first one, but I know I liked it better. I haven't seen any of the others, though.

Oh gosh, so many. xD I don't usually plan out my reading in advance, it just kind of happens . . . but I am reading Game of Thrones and The Dream Thieves.

Boquinha said...

I didn't know "The Princess Bride" was a book until years later. I read it and it was great. Highly recommend it. We have it here. Somewhere. Probably in a box . . .