Saturday, March 2, 2013

The 30-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 27 A Physical Feature You Love

So I'm not sure if this means I should write about a physical feature of mine that I love or a physical feature that I love in general. So I'll go with features that I love in general.

I love hair. Whether it's black or brown or red or dyed, I think hair is very interesting. I usually go into great detail to explain the hair one of my characters have or the facial hair of the villain. There's so much you can do with hair in real life or in writing.

I also love eyes. They can be big and round or small and squinty. My characters have green, blue, black, brown, hazel, and even golden eyes. In fact, a whole book of mine is dedicated to eyes and the magical abilities that they hold! My main character Hazel has hazel eyes. Her eyes are magical so she can use telekinesis. One of the secondary characters, Josh, has blue eyes. He can see the future. The bully has red eyes and he can summon wolves to command.

What's a physical feature that you love? Leave a comment! :D


Karoline Kingley said...

Eyes are my favorite feature, to look at and describe. Different colors and shapes emit certain impressions. Every character I have ever created was given their hair and eye color to match their personality. I have green eyes, but I always wanted blue when I was younger. :)

Boquinha said...

I love smiles, hair, and hands. :) Eyes are great, too.

Dr. Mark said...

I think those are great features. Add in a smile and those are the three I'd pick.