Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Encyclopedia of Me- L

Love- This one is pretty obvious. If everyone in the world learned to love more, there wouldn't be any wars, and the world would be perfect. Why is it so hard to be nice to each other? Love is a wonderful thing. I love to give people hugs and presents. It feels so good and makes me so happy. :D

Life- This one is also pretty obvious. Life is awesome. There's so much you can do in life. The words "life" and "love" and "peace" make me jittery for some reason in a good way. It gives me inspiration. When I was looking up "love" and "life" in Google images, there were so many cool pictures to choose from.

Laughter- I love to laugh and I love to hear other people laugh. I especially love it when I make my friends laugh or when a baby laughs. (Baby laughter is so cute). Whenever I go to INCH, I usually get the hiccups coming home from laughing so much. My best friend, Kirsten, and my friend, Sophia, are the best at making me laugh. Everyone knows Sophia as one of the funniest kids at INCH. She is hilarious. :D

Lemonade- Pink lemonade is my favorite drink, but any kind of lemonade is good. Strawberry lemonade is my second favorite drink. The strawberry lemonade at "Red Robin" is the best I've ever tasted because they leave huge strawberry chunks in the cup and you can scoop them out with your fork. :D

Lists- I love lists. I make a list practically everyday, whether it's a list of story ideas, a list of Christmas presents to make for my friends and family if it's around Christmas time, a to do list, or a list of images to get for the "Encyclopedia of Me" posts, they help me a lot. :D

Luke- One of my absolute favorite characters in Modern Family. (He's the kid with the shower cap over his head and a hairdryer without a shirt on in the picture above). He's the goofball, oblivious, sweet kid in the show. He's kind of ADD. He'll be sticking a straw up his nose one minute and playing "Plants vs. Zombies" while sticking his face in a bowl of cereal. Yeah, he's that kid. It's impossible to put all of my favorite quotes from him onto this post, but this is one our family quotes all the time.

(Seeing that everyone is too busy on their electronics to pay attention to anyone or anything around them, Claire gathers the family and tells everyone that there is a week-long ban on anything electronic).

Luke Dunphy: "Can I still play Plants vs. Zombies?"
Claire Dunphy: "Are you not listening?"
Luke: "But you learn about plants. And plants are life. Are you against life?"
:D Hilarious.
Other "L" words that didn't make the list:
Lemmings: Totally cute, but totally stupid. I think I've told you the story about how I learned about lemmings, but I'll tell it again for anyone who didn't read the post. My friend Sophia told me about them so I looked them up then my dad told me that sometimes one lemming jumps off of a cliff, and the rest of the pack jumps off, too just because one of them did. So whenever someone does something just because someone else does it, I have to yell out, "LEMMINGS!" :D
Library: I didn't think about this until after I wrote the post. INCH meets at the library almost as much as we meet at the park. I love our library and our librarians. :D


Boquinha said...

Omigosh, you are mini-me!! We did two of the same words without even planning it!

I love this post. It is so very YOU. I love listening to you and Thing 2 laughing together. It is one of my very favorite sounds.

Dr. Mark said...

You are awesome! Reading this post I'm almost in tears over how great you are. I love your optimism and how much you want there to be good in the world. I also love to hear you laughing, especially when you and your brother can't contain yourselves any longer. I just need to move out of the way when his mouth is full of dinner.

Emily Foley said...

I love baby laughter too! There is nothing better than hearing your baby laugh for the first time. It's magical.

I used to work at Red Robin and I looove their lemonade too!

My favorite episode of Modern Family is the very first one when the Dad is going to shoot Luke with a BB gun. I cry I laugh so hard when I watch that one.

I also love a good library. Gallup doesn't have much, but it has a great children's library for which I'm very grateful.

jim said...

I agree with your mother you two are sooooooo much alike ( and thats a good thing)

Its hard to think that you are almost a teenager and still such a kind a loving person. Don't ever change and the world will be a better place.

Vivian said...

I also love lemonade. The best for me is made from fresh squeezed lemons from my own tree. So delicious and refreshing. And lists? How could we get along without them?

Jimmy said...

You sound so organized! Lists?! I love to make kids laugh. That's one of the best sounds in the world. And I can tell you really are a sweetheart. You remind me of my daughter Sophia--hearts the size of Texas.

The Magic Violinist said...

Thanks for commenting everybody! :D
You don't have to do it, but I challenge everyone to do their own Encyclopedia of Me unless you already did do your own! :D

Siths and Jedis said...

L-O-V-E it. I also like how you did the plants are life. :D