Sunday, November 13, 2011

X Factor

I am hooked.
This is way better than American Idol. The singers are awesome, I love the competition between the judges, I like how the singers get mentors, the host is better than Ryan, although he is starting to get annoying. Paula or one of the other judges tries to make a comment and he cuts them off because they are running out of time.

"I just want you to know that I love you both, but I can only pick one, you both are so great and you have definitely grown over time-" (Paula)
"I need a name, Paula." (Host)

Earlier . . .

"And now you can vote on Twitter! You can vote for your favorite contestant and which judge you agree with tonight! Oh and look at that, over 3,000,235 people have tweeted about X Factor! That's 913 tweets a minutes. And it looks like most people disagree with Simon Cowell. Most people agree with L.A. . . ." (Host)

I hate fluff.

Personally, I think Simon has the best group. Three amazingly talented girls. Here's what I think of each contestant:

Rachel Crow: SO SO SO CUTE! :D Thirteen and she can sing like that?!?! She's so serious when she sings and then she's all smiles at the end of the song! :D Bubbly, happy, polite, all the personality traits a singer should have.

Drew: So unique. Again, fourteen but seems way older when she sings. She is also very cute and happy. Simon seems starstruck by her. (She is one of my mom's favorites).

Melanie Amaro: Very very good, but she doesn't sound very different. I am glad that Simon had the sense to bring her back. I'd much rather have her than Thia or Simone. (Simone is pronounced Si-mon-ee to Simon).

Lakoda Rayne: Off key sometimes, but an all girl group that sings country-pop? They could definitely improve and go places.

Stacey Francis: Great voice, stupid song choices. I agree with Simon though, she sounds very good when she's singing more gospel music.

Leroy Bell: He seems like Nicole's favorite. I still can't believe he's 60. He looks and sounds much, much younger. He's awesome.

Josh Krajcik: He's so cool. Normal guy that used to sling burritos. He's rough around the edges and I like that. (So does my mom). He's unique and has a great voice.

Astro: I don't like rap. It's just not my kind of music. But this kid makes me enjoy it when he sings. He writes and memorizes his own music in a week, then he has to perform it. He's so talented for his age. (Did I mention he's 14)?

Chris Rene: I feel like he's up and down. Some weeks he's good, others he's just off. Not my favorite contestant, but he isn't bad.

Marcus: He's awesome! :D He dances and sings and I think it's cool that his mom gave him two years and this was his last chance, and he made it! :D So cool.

I love this show and look forward to it every week! :D


Boquinha said...

Great recap, Sweetie. I agree with so much of it, too! LOVE Drew and Josh. Hands down, my favorites, but I'm enjoying all the acts so much. I love this show, too! It really is SO much better than American Idol. Love it!

the emily said...

I never thought I'd hear Stacy say something was better than American Idol! How funny! I haven't watched the show at all but this makes me want to start watching.

Emily ^-^ said...

I really like your blog!
My favorite is Rachel Crow! She's just so bubbly and happy! ^-^

Jimmy said...

I like it, but it bothers me a little that there's so much stage production in the performances. (Ok, I only watched it twice.) But I don't want the contestants having backup dancers and all those flashing lights yet. It feeds their egos too much.

The Magic Violinist said...

I agree with you, Jimmy. I like it when it's JUST the singers.

Zelia said...

Great post. I have not watched the last two weeks. I missed all the drama. Kate you are such a wonderful writer. Love vavo.

Boquinha said...

Yeah, truthfully, I like Amazing Race the best, but between AI and X-Factor, definitely X-Factor.