Friday, September 8, 2017

Bookish Bucket List

1. Meet J.K. Rowling

Ha. Ha ha.

2. Attend a book conference

YALLFest looks pretty darn amazing. And Rainbow Rowell attends a lot of these. I would LOVE to meet her!

3. Be an extra in a movie adaptation

I could be somebody walking in the background, or pretending to talk in a restaurant while the real action happens. Then there's the chance that I could meet the actors playing my favorite characters. Or maybe even meet the author. I just about died of envy when I heard about Margot Wood being an extra in the Simon movie.

4. Be followed on Twitter by one of my favorite authors

Then again, no matter how thrilled I'd be by this, a little part of me would panic every time I sent a tweet. "Oh god they're following me what did I say was that tweet spelled correctly I need to edit that WAIT I CAN'T EDIT TWEETS I'LL JUST DELETE IT AND START OVER."

5. Write a book blurb for a back cover

You know, those blurbs that only go to people like John Green and Stephen King? It would be awesome to write one of those. Especially since I'd probably write it for something I absolutely adore, so I'd get to help endorse the book and shove it into people's hands.

6. Work in a bookstore and/or library

Getting paid real money to be around books all day and recommend them to people??? This is basically a dream job.

7. Adapt a book for a movie, TV show, or Broadway musical

How. Cool. Would. This. Be.

8. Complete my TBR list so I can read books as they come out

Again . . . ha. Ha ha.

9. Stay up all night reading

This hasn't happened (yet), but I've come pretty close. I think I could do it if I had plenty of caffeine and the absolute perfect book at my disposal.

10. Read the whole Harry Potter series to my kids

Or read along to the audio. These are some of my favorite childhood memories, so I'd love to provide the same experience to my kids someday.

What's on your bookish bucket list? Leave a comment!


Boquinha said...

These are fun. I've stared at that last GIF too many times. Can't make out the black and white scenes! My eyes! Is this why you were wondering how old you were when you first read Harry Potter?

Shelumiel @ Bookish and Awesome said...

Spot on gifs, Kate! This list includes most of the items in my bookish bucket list, too. And did you hear that Margot's scene made it past the editing room? We'll see her in the film! I AM SO FREAKIN' STOKED FOR SIMON VS I CAN'T EVEN!!

The Magic Violinist said...


I can only catch glimpses of them. I'm pretty sure there's a scene in there of them at the Three Broomsticks? It makes my eyes sting after a while. xD

No, I was wondering for my admissions essay, which also has a Harry Potter theme!


Thank you! Ha ha, I think most bookworms tend to be pretty alike in their hopes and dreams for the future.

NO I DIDN'T AHHHHH. I'm so excited!!! I can't believe it's actually coming out. It's been a while since I've seen a good book-to-movie adaptation. I think "The Fault In Our Stars" may have been the most recent one, maybe?

Nice to see you around again!

Jimmy said...

My bookish bucket list, which I'm making up now because I'd never thought about it until this blog post--Attend a lecture by Alice Walker, Philip Roth, and Cormac McCarthy. Read a book authored by any one of my daughters. (My daughter Isabella is now saying she wants to be an author.) Continue with my collection of the fiction Pulitzer Prize winners until I die. Witness in my lifetime an officially acknowledged proving/disproving of the BOM and its origins.

Boquinha said...

Oooh, I like seeing Jimmy's list. I didn't even think to make one (and you asked!). This made me reflect on 2009 when we went to the National Book Festival and every year that we've gone to KidLit. So many cool bookish festivals! And we've met so many great authors.

Jimmy, whenever I hear or read about Philip Roth, I think of you, because I remember you mentioning him years ago. That's exciting about Isabella! Does this mean you read Pulitzer Prize winners every year? Did you read/like the Goldfinch? I've heard mixed reviews. Hilarious BOM wish. :P

I don't have the brain power at the moment to make a list myself, but I'm chewing on this . . .

Gary Foley said...

It. Would. Be. So. Very. Cool.

Keep dreaming girl!!! Dreams do come true.



The Magic Violinist said...


Ha, well now you have one! ;)

That's so great! Best of luck to Isabella. How old is she? What does she like to write?

Author lectures are so fascinating. I hope you get to attend those.


I love bookish festivals! I always leave really excited to read books and inspired to write new ones.

@Gary Foley

Thanks, Papa! :) My wheels are already turning . . . Thanks for commenting!

Jimmy said...

@Boquinha and Kate:

Isabella turns 13 on Friday. She plays cello, reads a lot, and loves to do well in school. She's really serious. Like I have to remind her not to take herself so seriously. So when she is funny, it's clever and hilarious. I'm not sure if she has a genre yet, but she does really well with talks and presentations.

Yes, I read the Pulitzer Prize winner every year. I look forward to business travel because I can really get into a book on a plane so I usually save that book for a trip to DC or something. It started with The Color Purple as a kind of thing, like I'd pick up the Pulitzer winner when I thought about it, but not really set in stone. After I read American Pastoral, it became a lifetime habit. Every April since I'd tell my mom who the winner was and she'd buy the hardback for me. I'm going to miss that now that she's gone. Anyway, Goldfinch was rough. The story is a hard one, but worth the read. I can see why it would get mixed reviews.

I thought you might appreciate that, Stacy. The sooner its truthfulness is established, like really established, the better for everyone!

Boquinha said...

Jimmy, Isabella sounds a lot like Kate (whose middle name is "Isabel" - well, sort of. Long story . . . ).

I love that tradition, and the part about you and your mom made me audibly say, "Awww." That's lovely. I'm so sorry for the grief that might be associated with that now, and I hope the good memories about it brings a smile to your face.

As for the BOM - did you mean, "The sooner its truthfulness - or lack thereof - is established, like really established, the better for everyone!"?

Ivyclad Ideas said...

I did a work experience placement in a library! It was so much fun! I really want to do it as an actual job, but libraries all seem to be shifting to volunteers over here. :(

The Magic Violinist said...


I had a blast volunteering at my library for quite a few years, and still go to help out sometimes with book sales or special events. It's so much fun! But that's a shame it's hard to get a paid job there. :(

CG @ Paper Fury said...

Your list is the BEST! And omg Margo (like from Epic Reads right?!) is going to be an extra in Simon Vs?!???? Omg I'm so happy for her. That's amazing.😂 And I'd love to meet a favourite author someday...although let's be real Maggie Stiefvater is like super fabulous and intimidating. But like. Just to hear her give a writing talk or something? That'd be amazing. ❤️

I also want to be paid to read. <--- new life career goal

ARHuelsenbeck said...

I am totally going to remember you are available to write book blurbs. When I finish The Unicornologist, I'm sending it to you.

The Magic Violinist said...


YES, Margot from EpicReads!!! I'm so excited to try and spot her when I watch the movie! I really home my small town theaters end up getting it. Also, WE NEED TRAILERS. (I'm very impatient when it comes to these things.)

Ooh, yes, I'd attend any and all writing talks from my favorite authors. We should convince them all to do vlogs and Q&As on Twitter so readers and writers around the world can "see" them.

Heck yeah, sign me up. You might be well on your way with your popular book reviews!


Ha ha, thank you! xD Slowly but surely I can check off my bucket list items . . .